Tor-based Peer-2-Peer barter trading platform

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Your IP address is protected through the Tor network.

Barter Trade

Free exchange of precious metals and Bitcoin Rhodium (XRC) tokens.

Safe and Secure

Decentralised system based on blockchain technology.

Free Market One

Efficient decentralised marketplace for precious metals trading

People all over the world looking to protect or increase their wealth through investing. Yet, they are limited by external factors causing market inefficiency. On the other side, there are sellers, who cannot find the right buyers. Our blockchain-driven decentralised marketplace can bridge this gap and achieve a new crypto-enabled market equilibrium. The convergence between precious metals and crypto investment also supports greater adoption and usability of digital assets and expands the market for precious metals traders.

The technology behind FreeMarket ONE

Transactions on this platform are irreversible and decentralised using blockchain technology. Full anonymity and masking of IP addresses is achieved via implementation of Tor technology. This platform also uses Microsoft NET Core technology to ensure platform-independent functionality on Windows, Linux or MacOS.

Tor Project


C# NET Core




Elements of FreeMarket ONE


Barter is a system of exchange where goods and services are exchanged directly for other goods and services. This method of exchange has stood the test of time and even after the introduction of monetary systems and is still used as an alternative to such systems or in time of crisis. This platform rediscovers the power of barter exchange enhanced by blockchain technology. Upon completion, this platform will provide:

  • Barter offers
  • Definition of exchange deposit
  • Anonymous communication
  • Private encrypted chat
  • Trader rankings
  • Token-based barter
  • Decentralisation

Status Report

The platform is currently being developed with the aim to introduce the first Beta version until the end of 2019. The first production version is expected to be launched in Q2-Q3 2020. The project development is designed to be agile and responsive to user needs throughout all phases of its execution.

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